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Evil Decision Mod (The Witcher 1)

Witcher Mod "Evil Decision"

Geralt and Text: Evil Decision - a mod for the Witcher

The module Evil Decision was submitted for the D'Jinni Modding Contest that CDPR started early in 2008. It was the only non-Polish module to receive what CDPR chose to call an honorable mention, that means it was ranked third, since CDPR decided to award only a first prize and only mention the second and third placed mods.
Evil Decision was developed by the RavenTeam and is playable in both English and German.
The Witcher-Module Evil Decision needed around one year to finish it and is offering 4-5 hours playing time. I made it for the modding contest and so a daily work for the mod of around 5-6 hours until late in the night was necessary. If Nimue wouldn't have come to the RavenTeam the last two months, to rework the english dialogues, the mod would probably not have been finished until deadline.

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Description for Evil Decision

What's wrong in Ban Glean, so wrong that Eskel got drunk rather than face it? Geralt has received a message from Eskel, asking him to take over a contract that Eskel claims to be unable fulfill himself. But when Geralt arrives in the village of Ban Glean, he finds that Eskel is still there and apparently healthy, if a bit drunk. Geralt sets out to learn about the contract he's expected to fulfill and more importantly, what's going on in the village that could upset even an experienced Witcher.

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Important Notes

The last proofed patch version Evil Decision is running correctly with is the patch 1.4 that was delivered with the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 1.

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Of course there's not only the download for the Mod Evil Decision itself, but also several Screenshots and even two wallpapers the Raventeam made. You can find the download for all that on the resources page and the screenshots are stored in the gallery.
Should you get stuck while playing my mod you can also find a helpful walkthrough for Evil Decision in the walkthrough section. Just follow the links in the side navigation.

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Youtube Review

Imagine my surprise when I found a Walkthrough/Review for my own Witcher mod Evil Decision on YouTube. Well, I love to watch Let's Plays of a good game, so I decided to watch this awesome review of my mod and it's fantastic. :)

The Player Wizd3m played the Raventeam's Witcher mod from the year 2009 and made a very good Let's Play of it, you probably want to check this out. Just click on the links below to watch the series of Evil Decision on YouTube (4 parts, each about 40 minutes).

Wizd3m's Evil Decision Walkthrough/Review on YouTube, Parts 1-4 (all links are external and open in a new window/tab):

Youtube: Evil Decision Walkthrough/Review Part 1
Youtube: Evil Decision Walkthrough/Review Part 2
Youtube: Evil Decision Walkthrough/Review Part 3
Youtube: Evil Decision Walkthrough/Review Part 4

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