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Walkthrough Evil Decision

Walkthrough Evil Decision

Evil Decision Screenshot and Text: Walkthrough

General Note

Five different endings
The mod Evil Decision has five different endings, at one point in the game you (as Geralt) have to make a very hard decision, one decision leads to two different endings and the other decision leads to three different endings. Depending on some quests that you accept (or not accept) you can later choose again between those endings (or not).
This walkthrough shows the way with all possible quests accepted.

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Quests in Ban Glean

You start your journey in the small village of Ban Glean. A lovely place, but as soon as you arrive here, you will notice some very difficult things. You should talk to Eskel first to learn about his problems and why you have to help him with those.

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Quest - Eskel's Contract

When you arrive in Ban Glean you first have to talk to Eskel, he can tell you not very much but at least he manages to tell you that you should talk to a priestess, the mayor of Ban Glean and a prophet. Now go into the village and visit the townhall, here talk to the Mayor and the priestess Eldana. They'll tell you about the contract Eskel signed and they'll also tell you that there is no other way than to fulfill this contract somehow. You now have to find out more about this contract, the village and the mysterious prophet.

Talk to the villagers now, some of them are at home, others are in the nearby tavern. You can begin with Smithy, the blacksmith of Ban Glean, he will give you some informations about the Order of the Golden Dawn which was funded by the priestess Eldana.
Walk along the river and loot the chest and the baskets between the townhall and Isabel's house. Go back along the river, Isabel is only home in the late evening, talk to her in the Order Headquarters or wait until night, you have to go to her home in the late evening and talk to her about the Order, you can also have sex with her then.

Pay a visit to the hunter and his wife. Talk to them both until they repeat their dialogs. Go to the small place and talk to the people in front of the merchants house, talk also to the merchant. Go to the Order Headquarters and talk to Eldana. When you see the mayor talk to him again, he will tell you the time for his working hours, you have to talk to him in the townhall, when he is in his office. You also have to talk to the gambler, when he is at home and to his wife.

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Quest - The wounded Woman

Leave the village on the road along the river and you will see a wounded woman with her child. Talk to the child, she needs a healing potion for her mother. Go back until you reach the herbsfield between the village and the road to the tavern. Here you can find Dendrek, the herbalist, if he is not in the tavern or at home. Talk to Dendrek, he will give you the potion, go back and heal Alisa with it. She will tell you now about the monster, that attacked her.

Go down the road until you reach the graveyard, kill the monster and go back to Alisa to report her of the monster's death. You have to visit her later in her house and talk to her again. If you have fulfilled this quest, she will give you an important book before she's going home.

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Quest - The Cart and the Cow

Go to the tavern and talk to the people here, don't miss the poor merchant in front of the tavern, he has a quest for you. Sarek has lost his cow when his cart broke down and his trouble began, so you have to search for his cow and bring it back to Sarek. Talk to the innkeeper Eriash and pick up the contract from the sign, talk to Dandelion.

Leave the tavern in direction of the meadows, there are some dead bodys you can loot after fighting the echinopsae. Here you have to talk to the woodcutters, to the shepherd, touch the Igni Circle and go to the ruins. Fight the wraiths that are surrounding the prophet and talk to him. He has another sight of the things that have happened in the village.
Move in direction to the river, Sarek's cow waits for you at the broken bridge, talk to it and bring it back to Sarek. Go to the village and to Alisa's house, talk to her and, if you were a friendly witcher, have a bit sex with her. If you haven't fulfilled the Quest before, she will give you an important book now.

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Quest - Do you like Sheep?

You should have talked to the shepherd and accepted his quest yet. When you talk to Alisa, don't forget to ask her about Dendrek, she tells you something interesting about him. Go to Dendrek and ask about the shepherds problem, he grants you the entry into his secret cave.

Go into the herbalist's house and into the cellar, crouch through the broken drawer into the secret cave. You will find the testanimator and a nice lady. Talk to both, talk again to the testanimator (now you have the choice for a bit sex with him), loot all the barrels and chests standing here.
Go deeper into the cave until you reach the magic circle. Don't worry about the little Griggs running around, but talk to the wolf that guards the circle. You have to kill him now. Ehhhm, be careful, it's not just a wolf.... if you have defeated him, talk to him again, he will give you the needed mushrooms. Leave the cave through the exit near the circle. Before leaving you can touch the circle if you want that sign.

You still need a few things more for the shepherd, talk to the innkeeper about the village and the drunken fisher if you haven't done so already. Go back to the river near the graveyard and the broken bridge. Another small grave is directly at the riverbank, here you can find the drunken fisher in all his beauty and also a cat's grave.
Don't touch the roses on my Cat's grave...
Bah, don't say, I didn't warn you. Fight and try to stay alive if you were an unmoralic witcher. Loot the chest behind the small cat's barrack.

Go back to the shepherd and bring him the ingredients, he can also help you with Raven's curse. Wait until the Shepherd has brewed the potion and talk to him again, he wants you to cure his ill sheep now. Take the potion and go to the old stable near the tavern and heal the sheep, you can have sex with the sheep now if you want.

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Quest - Ghoul Contract

You have picked up the contract from the sign in the tavern? Fine, talk to the mayor again, he tells you all about the Ghoul contract. Go back to the abandoned house near the tavern, make sure it is midnight, go down to the cellar and kill the ghoul. Talk again to the mayor and get your money.

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The Evil Decision

You should have talked now to the following people: Alisa, Isabel, Dendrek, Smithy, the town's merchant, two guards and both their wifes, the hunter and his wife, the gambler and his wife, innkeeper Eriash, Testanimator and/or Dandelion, the priestess Eldana, the prophet Nadur and the mayor of Ban Glean.
If you missed one of them, go and talk to those persons now.

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Continuing Quest - Eskel's Contract

If you have talked to all villagers now, go back to Eskel and tell him what has happened and what you found out. Talk to him about making your decision now, there's no other choice, you have to make this decision now!
Take Eskel with you to the marketplace and talk to the mayor. After the first cutscene you have to decide for one of the sides.

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Chosen Side: Eldana

Eldana, the priestess:
Ok, so you decided to kill the children, eh? Well, then let's do it. Talk to Isabel to take the first child from her. She will please you to be not a complete idiot and kill little children, she will instead give you a book. Take the book and go to the ruins, where Nadur is waiting, before you go you can talk to the villagers that are gathered at the marketplace. Then talk to Nadur, he will give you a second chance and you now can show the world that you are really an experienced witcher.
Depending on the finished shepherd's quest, you can now choose again between two different ways, try to search for more mushrooms or give him the book and fight only the priestess Eldana.

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Way 1: Eldana and the Book

If you have declined or not finished the shepherd's quest, this is the only way for you to end the game yet. You need two ingredients for the ritual, Eldana's blood and a Dirt Potion from a strong golem. The easiest way to find both is going to the Igni Circle and fight Eldana who is surrounded by five strong golems. When you have finished this job go back to the marketplace.
You need to talk to Isabel again and tell her, that she has to help you and Nadur with the ritual, Eskel wants to see that spectacular ritual too. After talking to Eskel and Isabel, they'll go to the ruins and you should go there too.
When all are here, talk to Nadur and give him the ingredients. Watch Nadur leave this world and talk to Eskel again. Watch the endcutscene and don't turn off the credits, they are worth a look.

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Way 2: Two more Mushrooms

If you have finished the shepherd's quest you know about the mushrooms yet. You need to find two more mushrooms but there are no more in the cave. So go back to the marketplace and talk to Isabel, she can go home yet and you have to make the ritual on your own. Talk to Eskel, that he shall wait at the ruins while you're searching for mushrooms. Talk to Dendrek, he gives you the mushrooms and you can go back to the ruins to perform the ritual now.
Talk to Nadur, be careful with that ritual... after sending Nadur to his own world, talk to Eskel again and watch the endcutscene and also the credits.

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Chosen Side: Nadur

Nadur and the Witcher:
Ahh, kill the whole Order and perform a bloodbath, what a fine decision. Well, let's go killing then. Talk to all villagers that are gathered in the marketplace yet, talk to Alisa, she's not really happy with your decision. Talk to Eskel and Dandelion and tell them to wait at the ruins. If you think you have made a stupid decision, don't worry. You have to be very very careful from now on. If you kill just one order member, all is lost (well, not all). There are three possible ways yet.

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Bloody Way: Kill them all

Be sure, that this way contains my best endcutscene! You have to kill all order members and also Isabel. Isabel is the only order member who stays neutral, you can talk to her and she'll give you the option for finding another way (see below), but you don't want, so tell her, that you'll kill her now. She maybe stays neutral (because of the only bug in the game), but you simply have to slay her. Search for all other order members and kill them too. Collect all the blood from the dead bodies and bring it to Nadur.
Did you tell Eskel, that he should come and watch the fine ritual you have to perform now? Make sure he is there and talk to Nadur now. Perform the ritual with him and make him happy, after this talk to Eskel again and watch what you have done with your decision. Don't miss the credits...

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Eldana or Mushrooms

Both ways are similiar as the ways on Eldana's side, with different ending cutscenes for each way. The only difference is, that you have to be very careful to not kill one of the order members here. Isabel is the only order member who stays neutral, talk to her and she will give you the book (if you want it). You now have to run away from the order members and not kill anybody (only Eldana), just search for the ingredients as described on Eldana's side, perform the ritual and watch the endcutscene and credits.

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