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A dead Sea-Serpant in the game Wurm Online

There's not much to say about games, you like them and play them or you don't. While so many different kinds of games exist there is also a whole lot of technical equipment on which you can play a game. A PC is the normal equipment to play a game (at least for me), and so most of the descriptions, walkthroughs, cheats and other stuff you will find on my pages is related to those PC games only.
Nevertheless several of those games can be played on different devices, like XBox, Playstation or even an iPhone or Smartphone. Games like The Witcher for example can be played on both a desctop PC and a playstation. Normally they have only some different graphics but a walkthrough should work for both versions. So even if you can find the PC walkthrough of a game here, you are able to use it with your Playstation version of that game most of the time.

There are also those small thingies called iPhones or Smartphones on which you can play nice games these days. Some older Dos-games like Call of Cthulhu or The Settlers are having a comeback on iPhones and Smartphones. Sometimes you need an application called iDos (or similiar Applications) to play them, but in the end you may also find some older Dos-games here on my site which I played on PC. I can't say if the walkthroughs will work the same for the iPhone/Smartphone version in these cases, but if you are stuck in such a game you may at least get a clue what to do next.
Also several modern Online games can be played on Smartphones, iPhones, iPod and other similiar devices, so don't worry if you find only a PC walkthrough here, it may be working the same on all other devices too.

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Raventeam Games and Mods

The Raventeam, which means me and my cat, is developing Games and Mods only for PC and I am also modding only for singleplayer games. Depending on the game engine and/or the game toolset my mods and games may (or may not) run on both Windows and Linux systems.
While my cat is giving me all the moral support I am the one who does the real work, things take time and really good things take much more time, and all my mods and games are under a pretty hard quality control which also takes a ton of time. Don't expect a mod every month, that's simply not possible, for example the small Witcher mod Evil Decision which has a playtime of approximately 4-5 hours took me about a whole year to finish and that was under the pressure of the Djinni contest! You can probably imagine how long even bigger projects will take.
However, at least one project is always under development on my computer, so you might want to check in here from time to time to see if there is something new announced on my website.

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Strategy Games

There are at least two types of strategy games, the turn-based and the real-time strategy games. Real-time strategy games like Command & Conquer or Age of Empires are based on a continued gameplay, where you have to make your decisions in real-time to win the map within the given game world. You don't have much time to think about doing this or that, in the most cases you have to act real fast, especially if you're playing against a computer opponent.
In a real-time strategy game you normally have to control lots of units, gather them and attack the opponent, build structures to support your units with weapons, armor, gold, food and other stuff. The time in such a game never stands still and it's a challenge to play against other human players.

Turn-based strategy games are sometimes a bit more challenging than real-time ones. Here the story stops, so to speak, for every round until the players have sorted their units and completely taken up their movement points or action points or something similiar. You have time to think about the things you want to do in your next move, sometimes you are even able to set the turn back and make another decision, until you press the "End of turn" button. The only problem is that you also have to wait until your opponent has finshed his turn.

My favourites are the turn-based strategy games, like Heroes of Might & Magic or Elven Legacy. While I don't play that many real-time strategy games you may find a lot more of the turn-based strategy games here, even if a walkthrough is not necessary sometimes.

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Roleplaying Games

Roleplaying games are, as the name says, games in which you are playing a special character role, like for example in The Witcher. There are also games on the market, like Might & Magic or Dragon Age in which you play more than one character, mostly up to 4 or 6 different characters. In such group-related roleplaying games you have to choose several characters that fit your kind of gameplay, for example: You may play with a bunch of knights but there's a better chance to reach the end of the game if you choose a paladin, a knight, a mage and a thief.

There is a wide variety of roleplaying games on the market, but mostly it is a linear story where the player has not to many different choices. The conversations between the player and the NPC's are written in a special way. You pick up quests in such a dialog and follow the instructions given by the NPC. It looks as if you would have a choice but it is scripted in a way that, no matter what you are doing, brings you to the end of the game.
While several new games have a real linear story, there is still a bunch of older games where the player had more choices. Ultima, Wizardry and Might & Magic were such games. They sure had a somehow linear main story, but in those games you could go wherever you wanted to, the difference to some newer games was simple: If you chose to go into an area where high level monsters lived, you could have died really fast. The newer games normally don't let you go into areas where your level is too low for, they prevent you from going into such areas by simply scripting a quest (or similiar things) which you first need to unlock those areas.

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Online Games

Online games, maybe the most played games in the world? I don't know, but what I can say is that several online games exist and they can be all possible kinds of games. There are online roleplaying games, online strategy games, browser games and whatnot, an online game can be anything. Normally it is some kind of multiplayer game where you can play with your friends in a team, or you play against your friends, or teams play against teams or... you can also play alone against the computer, in this case the only difference to other games is that you play it on the internet and have to reach a high score or something similiar.

The old Hexenmeister is not playing many online games, but there are still a few which are pretty good and worth to write about them. In this category there is really no need for walkthroughs, because online games change every week or month and there's new content in it, old content get's deleted or updated and a walkthrough would really soon be outdated.
However, from time to time such an online game may have content which is not easy to understand. So it's possible that you may find some tips for a better gameplay or descriptions for a better understanding of tricky situations within online games here on my site from time to time.

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Other Games

This is the category for all other games, meaning everything that doesn't fit into the strategy, roleplaying or online section can be found under Other Games. I'm not playing many action games, shooters or adventures, but if I'll ever play such games and think they are worth a report or walkthrough, then you can find them here.
Maybe Prey would be such a game, it's a shooter, I'm not good enough to ever see the end of this game but... who knows, maybe some day you'll find a walkthrough for it here. :D

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Sadly, I am no Let's Player and it's not my business to play games (and write walkthroughs) all day long, so there are some walkthroughs on my website but don't expect too many of them. I am mainly a gamer in my free time and also a modder and (Indie) game developer but I have to find the time to do that. So please don't blame me if only one walkthrough per year can be found on this website. ;)

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For some games I have made screenshots, mostly just nice pictures that I made on my journey through the different games, but sometimes also pictures for walkthroughs. I try to keep the walkthrough images separate from the normal images which means that for one or two games you probably can see two different galleries. It's the same with mods, for example The Witcher and my mod Evil Decision have two different screenshot galleries so it doesn't get mixed up too much.
However, screenshots in higher resolutions and also a screenshot gallery with more than just 3 pictures in it take a lot of time to be loaded, so keep that in mind if you view them (especially on Smartphones or similiar devices).

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