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Support, Contact & Legal Notice

Support, Contact & Legal Notice

Support and Service

If you have any questions regarding the available RavenTeam-Mods, games that will be developed in the future, the tutorials, the walkthroughs or for this website itself, you can write to the following email address:

→ service[at]raventeam.de

You can also use this address if you want to inform me about a broken link on my website.

Bugreport Beta Tester

It's not a bug, it's a feature... of course.
But if you are working for the RavenTeam as a Beta-Tester for a mod or game you can use the following address to send in your bug reports:

→ bugreport[at]raventeam.de

Contact (normal)

For now the two email addresses above are the only ones, but in the near future I will make more, depending on what is needed for new mods or games.

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Legal Notice

This is a german website and as such it needs a so called "Impressum", nowadays kind of an european Impressum is also needed for the EU. So, here you go:

This website is exclusively a private one. There is no advertisement and also no cookies, I also don't write journalistic articles, only my own impressions and opinions on games, mods, programs and other stuff. This website is in no way business-related or commercial, however, if that should change in the near future I will properly fill in the needed informations. For now, to protect my data privacy, I will not give anybody my personal address or even phone number.

If you are not happy with my Impressum as it is now, go blame our politicans!

Pictures and graphics:
Unless stated otherwise all pictures and graphics are made by myself and as that they are under my personal copyright.

Text and computer programs:
Unless stated otherwise all article-text and programs on this website are made by myself and so under my own copyright.

Galleries, Screenshots:
Unless stated otherwise all pictures of computer games, so called screenshots, are under my own copyright. If the company who developed or published the depending game not said otherwise, some screenshots and pictures may be under the company's copyright, in that case I am allowed to show or use them on my website.

Unless stated otherwise all available downloads on this website are programs made by myself and therefore under my copyright.

If I will ever sell anything on this website, it will only be available within Germany and maybe Austria and Switzerland, but for sure not anywhere else in the world. There are enough laws to go through in that case, so I'm sorry for all other people not living in those german-speaking countries. ;)

Contact (Legal Notice)

Webmaster and Contact:
Christina Marten aka Hexenmeister Raven
As long as this website is private please use the above mentioned email service address.

*will be included if ever organized commercially

Phone number:
*will be included if ever organized commercially

Commercial Registry Number and Sales tax identification number:
*will be included if ever organized commercially

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