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Overview: Raventeam Games

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General Note

This is the top secret Area 51, the Raventeam's testing ground, for all my own games and experiments. Here the old Hexenmeister is experimenting with graphics, scripts, high voltage and unknown magic objects to fulfill the epic quest of creating an own game.
If you are going to enter one of the secret sections within my Area 51, you should know that I'm not responsible for broken keyboards, hysterical laughter or heart attacks. Every step you might do in this area is at your own risk!

To make sure that everything runs as smooth as possible all my game experiments are linked as external, so every game on this page will open in a new browser-window/tab. This is very useful 'cause there might be a game that still has no ending implemented and so you have to close the window or tab in which you are running it yourself.

As long as a game is not finished there will be no description, or only a very short one. At least I try to list the necessary control keys and similiar things.

And there's still the copyright:
All graphics, dialogues and every other stuff within these games is my own and therefore copyrighted by Hexenmeister Raven, you are not allowed to use any of it somewhere else.

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Not much is known about Aranthrea yet... :P

Java Game without Name

As you may know (or not) the old Hexenmeister is normally creating adventures and/or maps with Development-Tools like Map Editors or Toolsets for games, or I create something within the very old RPG Maker or in Unity. All those tools require normally programming/scripting languages like C++, Lua or Ruby and those aren't for the Web.
JavaScript is for the Web, so one day I decided to have a look on the new canvas element that came with HTML5, and so this game was created.

This Java Game is a pretty simple thingy, only made for testing the canvas element, graphics and also gameplay is very basic and simple and it doesn't even have an exit button, so if you've finished playing just use the main navigation on top of the page. It also has no title, no description or anything else, just shoot your enemies and have fun.

Use the following keys to play:

The game is linked in the side navigation and it opens in a new window/tab. This game is made for PC, make sure your resolution has at least 1024 pixel width.

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