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Overview: Miscellaneous PC Games

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HTML5 Games

With the new HTML5 together with the new CSS3 styling it is possible to create real games now. Well sure, you still need some kind of programming language too, so JavaScript is also used to create such games. While Flash is dying somehow, at least the newer Apple iPhones and similiar handheld devices don't support Flash anymore, these nice new HTML5 games are some kind of fun even for those devices.

HTML5 games are played just like an ordinary browsergame, but you don't have to download anything, you don't need to subscribe or register somewhere, all you need is JavaScript installed (and turned on). Some of those games are storing the character experience on your local computer and others don't, in the last case you have to begin a new game everytime you want to play it. HTML5 games have a wide range: from Jump'n'Runs and Shooters to Roleplaying games everything is possible.

One of those games is the experiment Mozilla made and it is described in the chapter below.

Browserquest - the Mozilla Experiment

Two french webdesigners of Little Workshop created a game together with Mozilla. This game called Browserquest is more about the techniques used: With HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and several other small programs like Websockets they programmed this game to show what is possible today. It is running on the webpage, no need to do anything else than open the site and play.

Browserquest is a small game, no real princess to rescue, no real demon to kill... but you can get some achievements and have a look at the game world. It's awesome to watch what is possible today.
Hexenmeister Raven was there and brought back some screenshots for your pleasure. A short walkthrough can also be found on my Browserquest page which is linked in the side navigation.

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