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HTML5-Game: Mozilla Browserquest

Mozilla Browserquest

Mozilla Browserquest

Image: My character Raven talks to a NPC

The famous Mozilla Experiment called Browserquest is an MMORPG, but as I wrote in the section for Miscellaneous Games this game is only an experiment to show what is possible today with only the new HTML5 features and some scripting. There's no princess to rescue 'cause the game shows only the new techniques like WebSockets and CSS3 Media Queries.

You need a browser that is HTML5-compatible and you need JavaScript turned on! If you have both, you are ready to play.
Character generation is not that hard, just type in a name of your choice and start the game:

Directly to the game: Mozilla Browserquest (Link opens in new window/tab)

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When you start the game you will begin in a small village with some houses. There's not much to say about your character and the controls, you get a short instruction on which buttons to use, so read it. During your first steps you are able to fulfill the first few achievements. And always grab the loot, especially weapons, armor and if you need them: healing potions.

There are 20 achievements to unlock, 3 of them are hidden. Click on the chalice at the bottom right of the small symbol bar, here you can see all your achievements together with a small description what you have to do. Nobody knows what the last 3 achievements are, but Hexenmeister Raven is going to unlock this secret within this walkthrough.

All achievements are listet below with a short description how to find and unlock them.

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A true Warrior
Find a new weapon.
Starting in the village you first have to find a new weapon. Walk around a bit, you can find a nice sword somewhere on your way, a lot of swords lie on the ground here in this village.

Into the Wild
Venture outside the village.
Just venture outside the village, go up to the north and into the forest. There is a wooden bridge guarded by some HTML5-Logo-warriors. As soon as you walk over the bridge and find the first bats you are in the Wild.

Angry Rats
Kill 10 rats.
Another simple achievement, where you can train the only skill you have: fighting. In the village you can find enough rats, just kill 10 of them and grab everything that drops down. If you are lucky you may also get one of the loot achievements here.

Small Talk
Talk to a non-player character.
The village has some inhabitants, when the cursor turns into a questionmark just click and talk to the inhabitant and this achievement get's unlocked.

Fat Loot
Get a new armor set.
The loot is random, but try to kill every rat and other monsters and also search the caves that are everywhere on the map. In the village, not far away from the start point to the right, is a small cave, go down and kill the rats, open the chest. If you have a bit luck here you can get the Fat Loot achievement. Don't worry if you get other or no achievements here, the real fat loot (your armor) will drop automatically when you kill everything.

Explore at least one cave.
You have to explore a deeper cave to get this achievement. Go to the left of the map, from the village then go north through the forest. When you've reached the end of the forest you'll see a cave entrance behind a small bridge, a skeleton guards it. Just kill the skeleton and go down into that cave to get this achievement.
You can also go into the cave that is a bit north of this place, some blue Desert-Trolls are standing near three columns, this cave will also unlock the Underground achievement.

At World's End
Reach the south shore.
As the description says: reach the south shore, nothing easier than that. Just walk down south until you reach the water.

Successfully escape an enemy.
I know you are a hero, but even a hero should run away sometimes. Just begin a fight with any monster and then run away before you kill it. Best practice is to run into a cave nearby 'cause some monsters follow you a long way, but not into a cave.

Tomb Raider
Find the graveyard.
The graveyard is on the far left of the map, up north until you nearly reach the desert. If you see several tombstones and skeletons just walk between them, you can also fight some of them (just to stay alive). While you're here you can also fulfill the next achievement.

Skull Collector
Kill 10 skeletons.
If you are still on that graveyard you should have no problems to kill enough of those skeletons to fulfill this achievement. If you're not on the graveyard: walk to the left of the map, then up north, behind the forest is a desert with said graveyard where a lot of skeletons are running around.

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Ninja Loot
Get hold of an item you didn't fight for.
This achievement is also pretty easy, just wait until someone has killed something and steal the loot. Run over the loot and collect it first, try to not steal from a just started player (just for fair play), go a bit outside the village where people don't need some of the loot.

No Man's Land
Travel through the desert.
If you have killed the skeletons on the graveyard you should have this achievement maybe. If not, travel to the north, after the forest with the bats the desert begins, that's the No Man's Land. While you are here kill a few skeletons and watch out for the graveyard. Walk around in the desert until the achievement gets unlocked.

Kill 50 enemies.
It's not that hard, just kill 50 monsters and you'll get this achievement. While you're traveling through the world of Browserquest, you will automatically kill enough monsters to unlock this one, just kill everything that comes your way.

Still Alive
Revive your character five times.
Well, don't forget to die at least 5 times, that will unlock this achievement then. What? You don't know how to die as a real hero? Well, watch out for a real big monster, a ghost or some of those blue Desert-Trolls may do it. ;)

Take 5000 points of damage.
This isn't that easy, but at the end of the game, when you are nearly finshed with all your quests (achievements) you should also get this one. If you want this achievement a bit faster, go up north, find some of the real big monsters and simply don't fight back. The more they hit you before you run away the faster you'll unlock this achievement.

Hot Spot
Enter the volcanic mountains.
From the village go always north, through the dark bat-forest, then cross the desert and after a while you will end up in the volcanic mountains. Be careful with the monsters here, they are a bit harder to kill than rats.

Defeat the final boss.
In the far far north at the end of the map there's a cave entrance that is guarded by two warriors on a hill. Go into this entrance. You will then see a bridge leading into a cave, the entrance has a skull with crossed bones symbol above. Make sure you have at least the red armor set at this point, or wait until more players are here.
Follow the path through the cave and kill the boss (and his guards) in the big room. If you're alone here, just pick up one of the potions from time to time to manage the fight in a tactical manner.

Hidden: Foxy
Find the Firefox costume.
If you have fulfilled all the other achievements first, you should have this one yet. If not, just watch out for an orange potion that drops when killing a monster, drink it and get the Firefox achievement. It makes you invulnerable for a short time.

Hidden: For Science
Enter into a portal.
The portal is in the village, at the right end of the map. You can see a yellow (and a blue) portal which you should enter. You have to eat the cake there before going back through the portal. If there's no cake someone ate it and you have to wait until it spawns again.

Hidden: Rickroll'd
Take some singing lessons.
This is easy, there is a cave with a guy who sings an old Rock'n'Roll song. From the village go to the right of the map and then up north, until you see a cave entrance, four columns and a few Desert-Trolls. Go into the cave... first take the upper right entrance, then the upper left entrance and then the lower left entrance. Here you'll find a singer, just talk to him to get the last hidden achievement unlocked.

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