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News April 2016: New Design

April 2016: New Design

New Design (in old style)

Image: New Design in black-gold

The new design is finally finished and again in my very old black-golden Raventeam style.
Even if nobody remembers, I do... my first design was an image-map I made in a Cartographer program about 10 years ago and it had a tutorial area especially for my mother. My mother used to read that but then just called me on phone where I needed to explain everything, so that image-map design was abandoned and I made several different designs for the different games I wrote about.
Later on, about 7 years ago, I made one design which was mainly invented to present my Witcher-Mod, it was a nice black-golden design.
Well, here we are again, the black-gold is back (although there is no new Witcher mod included :P ).

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Browser Support

As much as this website changed over the years, the Browsers did too. Nowadays the most browsers are compatible to the (not so very new) HTML5 standard and they even support the flexbox design with CSS3 now.
So this new design not only has the old relaxing colors back but it is also more flexibel now. Many pages have so-called flex boxes which means they respond to the size of the page and the content. This design is much better now even on other devices like smartphones or tablets.

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Smartphones, Tablets & Co

In all honesty, the Raventeam (that's me and my cat) is only doing PC-stuff.
This means I'm modding only for PC-Games and the same goes for programming, I make only games for the PC. Simply put: This website is mainly made for PC and for PC-Browsers!

So, what does that mean for all those smartphone or tablet users out there?
Well, you can't have everything, right?
First, those shiny new things called smartphones don't have good browsers, they have like 10 year old XHTML Browsers implemented, so your experience on my website goes down by about 20 percent, and I'm not going back 10 years and do some old XHTML compatible stuff just for you.

The second reason is the resolution, smartphones (and in a smaller amount even tablets) tend to have hundreds of thousands of different resolutions depending on which company made it.
For accessibility reasons you'll get so called Media Queries, that means the website is best shown on a PC but with lower resolutions (like smartphones) still accessible. But a lot of stuff has to be cut off or made smaller or even designed completely different. You can probably imagine what amount of work that is.
I have chosen some of the most used resolutions and made those Media Queries for them. If your exotic japanese smartphone (or tablet) has a difficult resolution you might either be screwed or have a button to resize your screen to one of the most used resolutions and find your own solution to show this website.

If you need information on which resolutions are supported by my website, have a look at the aside-info on the left (or above/under the paragraph, depends on your resolution ;) ).
So yes, as long as nobody pays me for that amount of work, those are all the resolutions I am willing to support.

The Image-Galleries have a frame with a special resolution and are only made for PC-Resolutions of 1200px and above.

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